New Mechanics Protoype

Hey there! In the last few weeks I've struggled a lot with the game. I tried a lot of different things for the character movement, but I've never found anything satisfying :/ My current problem is that, yes I wanted to have a character without acceleration/deceleration, but it feels bad with a controller when you go left and right quickly in the air. So I looked at Celeste and Spelunky to see how they worked and I've found out that these two games have some quick acceleration and quick deceleration. So I wanted to add one too, it's doing great with a keyboard, but for some reasons, with a controller it's like there is no transition from 0f to 1f, its 0 or 1, I've tried with GetAxis and GetAxisRaw, but it's just weird. So after a few days trying to get something good, I decided to put that aside and create something new for the game or else I would have cried!

So I added a few mechanics prototype. They all look like shit right now but they were there to see what I could implement into the game.

Dash !?

I tried to add a dash, it's not bad actually. I also tried to add a trail, just for fun, but it will 100% get removed lol. The actual problem with this dash prototype is that for unkown reason it goes very far in all direction EXCEPT left and right, but it's the same force in all direction. I could understand if only diagonals were doing that but since Up and Down have the same problem.. I'm kinda ****ed! .. 

The actual problem with this Dash prototype is that, it avoid any fall damage. You can navigate the world too easily. Here the goal is to be scared of what is under your feet, like in Spelunky, if you see a hole, you need to wonder if you can't jump down. This Dash makes it useless to think like that. You jump and then dash to avoid fall damage. If I keep this idea, I'll need to see what I can do. Maybe it could be combined with the global Mana, so you can't do it all the time and if you use too much Dash, you won't have enough mana to use your Fire Balls. I'll need to think about that!


Wall Slide !?

I wanted to see if I could add some wall slide. Probably the best prototype yet... but also the simpliest! .. It works, but again, the problem is that it prevents almost every single fall damage :/ I'll need to think about that too. Can I still use it without making the game too easy?


Wall Jump !?

Wanted to add wall jump (yeah I love Celeste too much) but omg it has no impact, it looks bad and it works like shit. I actually really don't like it, it's probably not going to make it into the final build.


Money !?

I also added money prefabs! It can be in a single gold bar or triple gold bar. They appear randomly in the stage, like everything else. Since I added the Universal Render Pipeline earlier in the project development, I've been able to add glowing lights to make them POP more. Once you grab one bar, its glow disappear (obviously). The money amount in the UI is also updating accordingly, but i'm too lazy to do another video with the UI in it :) 

Talking of UI !


Life loss animation !?

When you get damaged, your health amount fall off and the heart goes BOOM! I think it looks interesting, I might consider this to be what i'm the most proud of haha! I think it could be like this in the final build and I'd be ok with it!


What's next !?

 I don't know, the movement physic is 100% the most important thing right now and I can't get it right.. Otherwise, we have a randomly generated level with randomly placed gold, where you can jump, slide, wall kick, air dash, get damaged, throw fire balls... I don't really want to polish everything right now, since I might throw a lot in the trash can (dash, slide, wall kick). I don't want to spend 10 hours working on animations and effects for the fire ball if I decide to remove it or change the way it works, you know!?

At this point, I might consider building a simple menu with "start game" and "options" just to work again with volume, resolution, save data, etc) there's a lot I need to learn and I think right now might be the right time to do that! You'll see in the upcoming updates :)


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